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TM Series Electromechanical Timer Modules

Tm 24-Hour and 7-Day Electromechanical Timers


TM Series Time Swiches

The TM series of OEM time switches are designed for control of heating, ventilating, air conditioning, refrigeration, lighting, security, circulating pumps, spas or any electrical load requiring 24-hour or 7-day scheduling. The small and contemporary design, in conjunction with the broad range of controls with identical dimensions, provides flexibility and interchangeability for any time switch requirement.

Data Sheet

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Supply Voltage:

24, 120, 240VAC

Switch Rating:



15A or 20A


1250W or 1500W


1/2 or 1 HP

Power Consumption:



Surface Mounting
Flush Mounting withStand-offs

Ambient Temperature Range:

–4°F to 128°F




1/4” Spade


Approximately 3 oz.




Ordering Data Switch Program Reserve ProgramOn/Off Every Shortest Switching Time Switch Type Switch Rating Manual Overide
TM1S/3* 24 hr. No 15 min 15 min SPDT 15A res. On/off/auto
TM1K* 24 hr. No 15 min 15 min SPDT 15A res. No
TM1BS 7 day No 2 hr 2 hr SPDT 15A res. No
TM1Q/3* 24 hr. 36 hr 15 min 15 min SPDT 20A res. on/off/auto
TM18Q 24 hr. 36 hr 15 min 15 min SPDT 20A res. No

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