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STAE – Electronic Day Timer

STAE Timer

STAE 24-Hour, 7-Day Timer – Value Day Timer for OEM Applications



The STAE module has solid state input and output. It provides the timing function, programming keys and time of day display for a multitude of time-of-day control requirements at very low cost.

Conventional supply voltage of 1.5VDC (battery or separate power supply) increases the universal scope of applications for this timer module. It can be integrated directly into electronic circuits with existing C-MOS output.


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(H x W x D) 2” x 2.5” x 0.85” (51 x 64 x 21.5mm)

Panel cutout:

1.85” x 2.36” (47 x 60mm)

Installation depth:

0.55” (14mm)


1.8oz (50g)

Supply voltage:


Power input:

max. 15μA/1.50VDC (plus switched power)

Switching capacity:


Switching output:


Operating temperature range:

14°F to 122°F (–10°C to +50°C)

Time base:

Standard crystal oscillator 32.768kHz

Operational accuracy:

±1sec. per day at 20°C

Number of storage spaces:

6 x ON; 6 x OFF

Shortest switching time:

1 minute

Programmable every:



Liquid crystal, 7-segment, 0.35” (9mm)

Manual override:


Switching status indicator:



3 stranded wires, 3.5” (90mm) long

Special functions:

Multiple day switching groups, day-week program


Via key pad

Time display:

Models available with either AM/PM or 24:00 hr. military time

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