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711 Series – AC Electromechanical Hour Meter

Trumeter Redington 711 Series AC Electronmechanical Hour Meter

AC Electromechanical Hour Meter

The Trumeter 711 Series (formerly the Redington Model 711) is a family of compact and versatile 7-figure, AC Hour Meters. Each version is light-weight, low power, and UL and CE recognised.

These units are available in 24VAC, 115VAC or 230VAC voltages and a range of industry-standard housings, making them suitable for mounting in range of equipment and panels: 2-hole rectangular, flush-round and flush-rectangular as well as a choice of two rectangular panel cutouts; square and round bezel, flush mount, or three-hole round panel mount; or rectangular 6 figure reset or 7 figure non-reset options.

The distinctive styling and clear display with running indicators offer crisp finish for many panel applications such as office, test or medical equipment.

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  • 7 figure, 99999.99
  • Various voltage inputs
  • Quartz accuracy (DC)
  • Large figures, 0.14” [3.6mm]

PDF Datasheet

REACH, WEEE and RoHS Documentation

Ordering Information

711-0109 – 115/60, Flush 1.45×87, Spade Terminal
711-0113 – 115/60, Flush 1.45×87, Screw Terminal
711-0114 – 24/60, Flush 1.45×87, Screw Terminal
711-0130 – 115/60, 2-Hole 1.45×87, Screw Terminal
711-0160 – 115/60, Round 3-Hole, Screw Terminal
711-0162 – 230/60, Round 3-Hole, Screw Terminal
711-0163 – 230/50, Round 3-Hole, Screw Terminal
711-0180 – 115/60, Square Flush, Screw Terminal
711-0190 – 115/60, Square Flush, Screw Terminal
711-0217 – 24/60, 2-Hole 1.45x.95



7 figures, 0.14″ [3.6mm] 99999.99




24, 115 or 230VAC (± 10%)


2 watts AC


Clip or mounting holes


1/4″ [6.3mm] spade terminals with screws (AC)

Case Material:

Black polymer


1.2oz. [35g]

Front Panel:


Operating Temperature:

-22°F to +180°F [-30°C to +82°C]

Storage Temperature:

-40°F to +185°F [-40°C to +85°C]


1g [10/500Hz] IEC 68-T2-34


30g [18ms] IEC 68-T2-27
25g [16ms] IEC 68-T2-19

Agency Approvals:

CE Compliant, UL Recognized




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