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Electronic Incremetal Encoder


10mm hollow through shaft, Fixing from either side, Flexible mounting, 50Khz frequency response, Quadrature output Push pull output circuit.

4T764 Series encoders have a full through hollow shaft (which may be fixed at either end). The bore size is 10mm. The encoder body is fixed by means of two flexible mountings which compensate for minor shaft misalignment. The Output circuit has a push/pull output as standard, signals A, B.


  • Quadrature output
  • Fixable by flexible mountings
  • 10 mm hollow through shaft, can be fixed at either end with optional clamp ring
  • Ideal replacement for mechanical counters when used in conjunction with a suitable electronic counter

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Input voltage range

4.75 to 24V (+10%)

Regulation, for 5V operation

5%, with 2% maximum ripple

Current consumption

75 to 125 mA

Output circuits

A, B, @ 20mA each

Frequency response

50 KHz


0.0117° or 1 Arc / Min

Max shaft speed

6,000 rpm continuous

Shaft sizes and types

10mm through shaft


Aluminium with protective finish


Shaft set screws or split clamp and flexible mounting springs

Operating temp

-10°C to +70°C





Ordering Information

4T764 Encoder, 10mm hollow through shaft, Quadrature output, Push pull output circuit
4T764PPT0G20333 333PPR Push pull output
4T764PPT0G20500 500PPR Push pull output
4T764PPT0G21000 1000PPR Push pull output
019044-01 Encoder shaft assembly for use with dual wheel measuring system
019141-01 Encoder mounting bracket for mounting encoder onto 1 or 2 wheel measuring systems
4TCLP Optional Encoder Clamp Ring

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