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46 Series – Mechanical Stroke Counter

Trumeter Redington 46 Series Mechanical Stroke Counter

Compact 5-digit Stroke Counter

The 46 Series (previously Redington Model 46) are 5 figure stroke counters especially designed for limited space and ideal for OEMs with high count life applications.

The advanced drive system translates into exceptionally high operating speeds, extended operating life, for fast and accurate readings. Ideal for copiers, printing presses, cut-off machines, and piece-part counting applications. Also available with a thumb lever for use as a tally counter.


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  • Compact size
  • Reliability
  • Low cost
  • Special levers
  • Replacement lever and spring (10007-009S)
  • Special metal lever (10007-001)

PDF Data Sheet

REACH, WEEE and RoHS Documentation

Ordering Information

1-4615 – Left Hand, Top Coming, Base Mount
1-4625 – Left Hand, Top Going, Base Mount
1-4635 – Right Hand, Top Coming, Base Mount
1-4645 – Right Hand, Top Going, Base Mount
1-4635T – Right Hand, Top Coming, Thumb Lever

10007-001 – Special Metal Lever
10007-009S – Spring and Lever Kit



5 figures, white on black, 0.19’’ [5mm] high


Standard knob


1,000 counts/minute


Top-coming or top-going

Count Stroke:

40° Min. – 45° Max.

Shaft Extension:

Right-hand or left-hand

Shaft Diameter:

0.156’’ [4.0mm]

Operating Life:

Beyond 5 million counts

Temp. Range:

-15°F to +140°F [-25°C to +60°C]


2 oz. [57g]




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