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7111HV – Self-Powered Electronic Counter with High Voltage Input

Trumeter 7111 self powered LCD electronic counter with high voltage

8 digit self-powered LCD electronic counter with high voltage input

8 digit liquid crystal display high voltage version of the 7111 counter, the unit accepts input voltages of 10-110VDC or 10-240VAC. Self powered by a 10-year life battery and external reset, this electronic counter has an external reset input and can be used in a range of OEM applications.

A compact LCD counter designed to be as user-freindly and flexible for a range of applications, screw terminals ensures fast wiring, backlight (external 5VDC supply required) for greater visibility, decimal point selection, count direction indication and easy-to-read 9mm high digits.

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  • 9mm high contrast LCD display
  • 10 year battery life
  • Bi-directional counting
  • Counts pulses up to 10Hz frequency
  • External reset input
  • CE, UL and cUL approved

PDF Datasheet

PDF Instructions

CE Certificate

REACH, WEEE and RoHS Documentation



Battery life 10 years


8 digit black LCD, 9mm characters with leading zero blanking

Count Range

99999999 display rollover to 0

Count Input

10Hz maximum, negative edge triggered, 0.7V threshold, 50µS minimum pulse length, TTL/CMOS Compatible

Voltage input

10-110VDC or 10-240VAC

Reset Input

10-110VDC or 10-240VAC, Negative edge triggered, 0.7V threshold, 15mS minimum pulse length, TTL/CMOS Compatible

Direction Input

Add=logic 1, Subtract=logic 0 (0V)

Operating Temp

-10°C to +60°C

Storage Temp

-20°C to +60°C


Clear polycarbonate

Environmental Protection



Ordering Information

7111HV totalising counter




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