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3400 Series

“Any Housing, Any Function”

Trumeter Redington 3400 Series Electronic Counter range

The Redington 3400 Series provides a large display, with 0.28” [7mm] high characters, in the industry standard housings. Units are available in 5 different housings. A wide operating voltage, 10-300VDC and 20-300VAC make the Model 34 versatile for all indoor and outdoor applications. All models are NEMA 4/4X, 12, & IP66 rated when used with the optional gasket and have a polarized lens which assures high visability in an outdoor environment.

Maintenance Meters are offered with multiple “Redi-Alerts” to alert users when service is due. Models are available with front panel field programmable alerts. Not only does the display flash to get attention, but it displays a choice of 7 different .08”[2mm] maintenance icons. Users can program or specify the service interval and flash duration for each Redi-Alert.


  • Totally sealed from moisture and dirt
  • AC or DC voltage input in the same unit
  • Compact depth
  • Optional Preset Count value/Hour Meter
  • Optional – up to 3 Redi-Alerts/7 icons
  • Fits in existing panel openings
  • Always on display
  • A choice of 5 housings
  • A choice of reset modes
  • Optional front panel programmable
  • Can be programmed with starting time
  • 15+ Year Battery Life

PDF Datasheet

PDF Instructions


Case Style

2-Hole Rectangular
3-Hole Round
Mini Flush Rectangular
SAE Flush Round

Programmability – Optional

Front Panel


10-300VDC or 20 to 300VAC <2mA
Switch/Dry Contact

Reset – Optional

Remote (Dry Contact/Switch) – Part Numbers end in- X010
Manual – Part Numbers end in -X070
Non-Reset – Part Numbers end in -X000

*Please See datasheet for part numbers

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