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Global designer, manufacturer and distributor of sophisticated measurement products, innovative sensing and LED technologies.

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Our Strategy and Values

Our Vision

20 by 2020 is our vision, which is understood by our employees and stakeholders around the world. This statement reflects our vision to be a diversified global business built on truly innovative technologies with sales of £20million by the year 2020.


Our Purpose

The Why
To create sustainable growth for our customers, by delivering new and innovative products.

The How
By truly understanding our customers and their markets.
By creating expertly designed products and services, which are innovative and robust.
By delivering world class manufacturing at a competitive price.

Our Values

Innovation – Our products and services change the game, and the way we do business is creative and flexible.

Integrity – We do what we say we will do, and operate to the highest professional standards.

Ambition – We are passionate about improving everything, constantly challenging the status quo.

Teamwork – We value and respect our employees and our partners and fundamentally believe teams outperform individuals every time.

Customer Driven – We cherish our customers, listen to them, and help them become wildly successful.

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