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Global designer, manufacturer and distributor of sophisticated measurement products, innovative sensing and LED technologies.

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Our Services

We are a global business supplying customers worldwide, and we are committed to manufacturing high quality products in low cost environments.


Our Services

  • Measuring & Counting products to control length, distance and time
  • Process Instrumentation
  • Automotive LED Lighting
  • Flow and Volume meters
  • trulite TM Energy Efficient Industrial and Commercial LED Lighting
  • Installation, Maintenance and Service of Commercial Lighting

Our Products

  • Control & Measurement Products – Providing engineers and manufacturers with easy-to-use, robust products, to measure, monitor and display critical data.
  • Lighting Solutions – Providing customers with products and services that illuminate their world.
  • Custom Products – Designing and manufacturing innovative solutions, which enable customers to reduce costs and differentiate their products.

Our Technologies

  • Enhanced User Interfaces – trusenseTM
  • Intelligent LED lighting systems – trucolourTM
  • Mesh Networks – trucomms TM
  • Ovens, Hoods and other Home Appliances – trusmartTM


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