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September 2015 Newsletter

With new products and a new location, now is an exciting time for Trumeter. Find out in more our latest newsletter.


November 2014 Newsletter

Trumeter is continuing to grow and develop NEW markets.

June 2014 Newsletter

The next generation of panel meters is here…

August 2013 Newsletter

Trumeter is growing – NEW products. Trumeter are set to release a range of new products later this year.

February 2013 Newsletter

Trumeter Technologies are delighted to announce a new partnership with CSE Industrial Electrical Distributors of Bourne End.

October 2012 Newsletter

Trumeter are delighted to have been appointed as one of Microchip’s Authorised Design Partners.

June 2012 Newsletter

Since Trumeter acquired Redington Counters last August, the company has been working quickly and efficiently to integrate the business into Trumeter and deliver the synergies and opportunities that attracted Trumeter to Redington in the first place.

March 2012 Newsletter

Trumeter, the world famous designer and manufacturer of counter and measuring products, has reached an exclusive agreement to launch the full ENTES product range in the UK and USA markets under the Trumeter brand name.

November 2011 Newsletter

Trumeter is pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement with the major Turkish manufacturing company ENTES, to market their range of products under the Trumeter brand.

September 2011 Newsletter

On Friday 12th August Trumeter Technologies Ltd acquired Redington Counters, a Connecticut, USA based designer and manufacturer of measurement devices.

April 2011 Newsletter

First up, I would like to introduce Ron Smith, who joined Trumeter on 14th March as Managing Director.

December 2010 Newsletter

It truly is a new era having spent 2010 setting up the company to successfully serve our customers for another 73 years.

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